Chemical preparations ALBERTI ANGELO

Alberti Angelo

ALBERTI ANGELO – is a factory on production of chemical production for dry-cleaners, laundries, a clothing industry and other kinds of the activity, certificated by the international certificate of quality ISО.

The author of all formulas of preparations and the chief of firm is Doctor of Chemistry Alberti Angelo.

More than 35 years production of this factory is exported to all countries of the world.

The firm "Alberti Angelo" one of the first has developed and has begun introduction technology of aqua-cleaning and aqua-painting of skin and textiles. This technology is based on a principle of the minimum mechanical effect on an item and the maximum ecological safety in relation to environment, and the most important thing, in relation to health of the worker of a dry-cleaner. Items from suede and the skin processed on technology of aqua-painting, have equal and homogeneous paint over, are soft to the touch and do not give shrinkage. Direct contact of the worker to chemical preparations and dyes Alberti Angelo is shown to a minimum: the item is processed, painted and grease in one machine.

Besides preparations for new technologies, in range of production made by factory there are traditional пятновыводные means, amplifiers and dyes for all kinds of a skin.

The basic difference of firm "Alberti Angelo" is an operative reaction to market demands, depending on changes of tendencies in a fashion, production of new kinds of fabrics, and also new technologies in clothes production.

The Italian school of Doctor of Chemistry Alberti Anzhelo in Bologna also is certificated by the international certificate of quality ISO.

In Ukraine constant free information and technological support of a representation of a firm "Alberti Angelo" operates: technologists of dry-cleaners can be trained and training on application of preparations.