Clean Industry

The publisher of magazine "Clean Industry" - firm «SANTI»®

The idea of creation of magazine has arisen not casually. Communicating with the Ukrainian and foreign colleagues, we constantly learn a lot of new and the helpful information which daily helps us with work. The exchange of professional "recipes" has so strongly entered into process of the decision of technological and administrative problems, that we, at times, even do not reflect, that the achieved success is a merit and our colleagues. Now and we are ready to share with you the useful and interesting information which has been saved by our experts and partners for many years.

First number of magazine "Professional Dryclean" has left in June, 2003 in circulation in 500 copies. In process of growth of number of readers the circulation increased, and since June, 2004 it makes 2000 units. In September, 2004 magazine there is under the new name "Clean Industry".

Our magazine is the constant participant of all international industry shows which are passing in Ukraine.

For today "Clean Industry" is a unique Ukrainian professional magazine for dry-cleaners, laundries and cleaning companies.

The basic headings of the edition are: pages of history, school of technologists, cleaning, hotel business, novelties of the equipment and technologies of a dry-cleaner and washing, types of a fabric and spots, the safety precautions, the description and correct operation of the equipment, a problem of branch, interview to professionals, the review of the Ukrainian and international specialized exhibitions, seminars, the legislation and comments, and also bases of marketing and management.

From the moment of an exit of the first number of magazine we have found out the big interest to it from the enterprises of a hotel facilities and have adequately reacted: in March, 2004 in magazine there is a heading "Cleaning", and in June, 2004 - one more new heading "Hotel business".

Today our magazine is read by 1000 hotels and 500 sanatoriums of Ukraine and more than 400 dry-cleaners and a laundries.

Since June, 2006 the journal begins cooperation with the Italian company EXPODETERGO which is the organizer of the international exhibitions of the equipment for dry-cleaners and laundries in Italy, and also publishes the professional journal. Cooperation with this organisation allows to grant readers objective and a trustworthy information about branch development abroad.

Edition of "Clean Industry" is in Odessa. The journal extends a method of free target dispatch to hotels, sanatories, the enterprises of a dryclean and laundries across all Ukraine.

Director of magazine
Evgeni Postriganev

Chief editor
Tatyana Kuchinska